Conference program

The 9th "Engaging with Vietnam - An Interdisciplinary Dialogue" Conference


Hackathon Announcement/Thông báo cuộc thi Hackathon


In addition to the exciting conference's plenary and featured sessions and breakout sessions, we are also introducing a number of new ideas at both the conference locations, Ho Chi Minh City, Bình Dương, and An Giang, such as:


  • "Hackathon Competition on Creative Ideas on Heritage, Development, Tourism, Sustainability, and Technologies" developed and presented by students and their coaches; 
  • "Author Meets Critics" highlighting published work of scholars in Vietnam and overseas in dialogue with critics;
  • "Dialogues on Methodological and Epistemological Issues in Conducting Research in and on Vietnam" from diverse fields;
  • "Cutting-edge Community Projects led by Artists" highlighting conversations with artists and their exhibits;
  • "Talkshow on Education, Privatization, and Development" with public intellectuals and scholars; and
  • "Living the theme of the conference": touring Vietnam and the conference theme across various means of transportation, academic disciplines, arts exhibits, community engagement projects, field trips, (guided) tours, cultural activities, regional cusines, and dialogues with diverse groups of actors. 


You can download the CONFERENCE PROGRAM by December 1, 2017. It contains all the information about the three parts of the conference. Please note the information about the moderators for certain sessions is subject to change. Please make sure you check the website regularly for the most updated information. You will receive a conference bag that includes a conference booklet with the final program and the presentation abstracts when you register at the conference.