Nguyễn Như Huy

Nguyen Nhu Huy
Nguyen Nhu Huy, born in 1971, is visual artist, independent curator, art critic and poet. His art practices are concerned to the relationship between present and past and the intervention of different temporal-spatial dimensions. His works have been shown internationally in Japan, France, and USA. Nhu Huy has been writing, translating and publishing domestically and internationally on Vietnam contemporary art, culture, and art theory, and has been being guest speaker for the numerous international conference such as “Vietnam art post-doimoi”, which was held at Singapore Art Museum 2008, Asian Curator Conference organized by Japan Foundation 2010, "Alternative Route: Art & Cultural Exchange In Asia" in Yokohama , Koganecho Bazaar project  2014, etc.
Huy is co-editor and one of the authors for the first and only anthology of Vietnam modern and contemporary art in bilingual “ Essays on Modern and Contemporary Vietnamese Art” which was published by Singapore Art Museum 2009; Huy is writer for Vietnam session in the anthology “Video art, an art, a history” published by Singapore Art Museum in 2010,  in accompanying with the exhibition of the collection of video works from 1965-2010 by Pompidou Centre and Singapore Art Museum. Huy was also official researcher on the new media art in Myanmar and Vietnam in a researching project on new media art in ASEAN that was organized and conducted by ASEAN ministry of culture in 2011-2012. In 2015, a series of Nhu Huy’s poems was selected and published in Stand Magazine, England. Nhu Huy was co-curator for Singapore Biennale 2013 and since 2013 Huy has been being a curatorially advisory part for long- term project “Koganecho Bazaar”, Yokohama, Japan. Nhu Huy is guest curator for Brand New Project 2015, an annual project initiated by Bangkok Creative University that aims to introduce potential young Thai artists to Thailand contemporary art scene.  In 2016 Huy is a co-curator of Kuandu Biennale 2016 and currently is artistic director of the one-year Asian multiple activities and interdisciplinary festival Asian In/Visible Station 2016-2017 that is organized and curated by ZeroStation in Hochiminh city and funded by Asian Center, Japan Foundation
Huy is founder and the artistic director of ZeroStation ( In general this is a project-based space with residency program for international artists and showcase space for local and international projects.. The main concept of ZeroStation is to develop the kind of the contemporary art in Vietnam that is more engaged than spectacle, more critical than exotic. The main mission of ZeroStation is to create more opportunities for dialoguing, thinking, and working among local and international artists on social and cultural issues
Contact in Vietnam:
Cell: +84( 0) 903 747 779

Artistic Director, ZeroStation