Prihatmoko Moki
Prihatmoko Moki (b 1982)
Works and lives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He obtained his BFA from Indonesian Institute of Fine-Art, majoring Printmaking Department in 2009. He have been working with several mediums of painting, drawing, comic, mural and music. But his focus is in printmaking/silkscreen technique to propose about the idea of spreading out the artworks and the challenge of multiple copies and the notion of originality and copy, because the ability of printmaking to produce works in edition. In his recent works, he interested with historical view, which in between fiction and reality. Departed from these he use historical myth as a tool to discuss and understand about social contemporary situation. In his project he prefer to approach the issue in satire, controversial and dark humor ways.
His solo exhibition including Melancholic Ego in the Colorful Song of Agony, Jakarta (2010) Power of the Sun, Yogyakarta (2012) Art project KW 2 Yogyakarta (2011). Forget Me Not Yogyakarta (2015), and Prajurit Kalah Tanpa Raja, Yogyakarta (2016).
In 2013 together with Malcolm Smith (AU) and Rudi Hermawan he founded Krack! Studio based in Yogyakarta, the studio and gallery focusing printmaking.
In the same year he have been organizing and curating LELAGU, annual art event which combining acoustic music and responded with live drawing in KedaiKebun Gallery, Yogyakarta.
Since 2006, he joined multidiscipline art project PUNKASILA, initiated by DaniusKesminas (AU) and had several shows in Indonesia, Australian and Cuba.
He is also selected by Megalo Print studio/ Canberra, Australia for residency program in 2014, and selected to be nominators in young artist award Redbase Foundation, Yogyakarta in 2016.

Artist, Indonesia